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Syclone ATTCO, Inc. specializes in creating solution based lifting devices to fit almost any application. The Sky Hook, in basic concept, is designed to be a simple, maintenance free, compact, industrial lifting device. The standard Sky Hook models offer a wide range of base options to accommodate a variety of needs in the market place. However, there are many applications in the industry that require a compact lifting device of different dimensions and capabilities. That's where the Sky Hook Solution Center comes into play!

The Sky Hook lifting device is ideal for all types of industries from Manufacturing, to Maintenance and Safety. With options like stainless steel chain, delrin components and nylon bushings, the Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device can be customized to work in most any clean room environment. No matter what the clearance or height requirements, there are limitless possibilities for creating a one of a kind Sky Hook to fit your needs.

The Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device customization are divided into two main categories; Standard Customizations and Ground-Up Custom Creations. Check out more information below.

Standard Customizations

Syclone ATTCO, Inc. has been creating custom, customer driven Sky Hook creations for the last 40 years. In that time span, Sky Hook has streamlined its capabilities for generating quick, over the phone, visual quotes with accurate and reasonable pricing. It has also greatly improved the production process to accommodate the vastly growing needs of the industrial consumer. Get more information on our most common customizations below.

These are a few of the Sky Hook modifications that are commonly requested.

Brake Options

Friction Brake
Faster operation.

LoadLock Clutch Brake
Simple operation.
No training required.
Each style has its own unique benefits. Check out the information below for more details.

Hand Wheel Location

Lowered to a more ergonomic height from the ground. Especially beneficial on taller designs. (Recommended ergonomic hand wheel height: 48”)

Hand Wheel Orientation

The hand wheel can either be installed on the opposite side of the Sky Hook or another added for dual hand wheel operation. Ideal for lifting heavier load or when working in tight conditions.

Dimensional Modifications

Customizable up to a reach of 48”

Overall Height
Customizable up to a height of 10 ft.
Base length and counter weight amount must be considered for mobile base Sky Hooks.

Tether Options

Chain (roller chain)
Consistent operation.
Seamless control.

Cable (wire rope)
Easy to clean (coated version).
Long length of lift.
Roller chain is the most popular and doesn’t stack up like cable on a spool though cable can be great for cleanroom and long lift applications.

Larger Hook Assembly

Larger custom hook assembly using GBK-7-10 hook. Stronger and more secure latch. Great for multi-sling applications.

Auxiliary Drive

Stub shaft assembly in the center of the hand wheel which allows the operator to use a ½” drive pistol drill to raise and lower the load; max load capacity when using this feature is 250 lbs.

Dimensional Modifications

Experienced design team ready to assist you in designing the best solution for your lifting application.
The distance from the center of the Sky Hook vertical tube to the lifting hook. The boom length can be modified to produce an overall Hook Reach of 9-48" without compromising the lifting capacity of the Sky Hook. This can allow extra reach into CNC machines or over any other types of obstacles.
The distance from the ground to the top-most point on the Sky Hook. This distance can be modified by either extending the height of the Sky Hook or the height of the vertical mast on the base (depending on the model). Choose a vertical height anywhere from 20-120". Extend far above your machines and create the best opportunity to clear obstacles by setting the Sky Hook's vertical height to the ideal location.
The vertical distance from the ground to the center of the hand wheel. The height of the hand wheel can be lowered by roughly 6" by rotating the gearbox down with the Rotated Hand Wheel Customization. Lowering it even more can be achieved by the option of the Lowered Hand Wheel Customization to locate the hand wheel in the very best ergonomic position.
There are three options for Hand Wheel Orientation which has to do with the side of the Sky Hook the hand wheel is located on. The standard option that is built into every Sky Hook is considered a Right Hand orientation. This is determined by how the user would generally operate the Sky Hook hand wheel. It is designed to have your left hand on the load with your right hand turning the hand wheel. This orientation can be changed to either Left Hand or Dual Hand Wheel, which would have hand wheels on both sides.
The distance the hook can travel from it's outmost extended position to its fully retracted position at the nose cone of the boom tube. Generally all Sky Hooks are equipped with at least enough chain to reach the hook to the floor plus a little extra (depending on the model). Given that the chain is safely stored within the Sky Hook vertical tube, there is a limited amount of chain that can be added to any Sky Hook. This maximum amount can be determined during the design process.
The style of brake used to securely hold the load on the Sky Hook swivel hook. The standard brake style used on all Economy Sky Hook models utilize the basic Friction Brake. This style of brake allows the user to freely raise the load by simply rotating the hand wheel clockwise without having to release any braking mechanisms. To lower the load the user would have to pull back on the brake while controlling the decent of the load with the palm of the same hand. The improved brake option, included on all Premium Sky Hook models is the LoadLock clutch brake. This brake is designed with internal clutches to release the load whenever the user cranks the hand wheel in the counter clock-wise direction. The load will lock whenever the hand wheel is released and will always prevent the load from lowering at an uncontrolled speed.
A brace added under the elbow of the Sky Hook to add rigidity or increase lifting capacity in certain applications. A Knee Brace is a tube that is permanently welded between the boom tube and vertical tube of the Sky Hook. A Gusset is a small brace welded to the elbow to keep the elbow strong on Sky Hooks with extended reaches.
A combination of delrin, nylon and stainless components to prevent corrosion and debris for use primarily in Clean Room applications. A standard Clean Room Package will include stainless chain, nose cone roller, and shafts, as well as a delrin nose cone and nylon bushings. Other customizations can also be added to meet specific clean room requirements such as taped casters for mobile bases.
Corrosive resistant stainless roller chain for primary and gearbox chains. Perfect for the food industry as well as any applications in salt heavy or outdoor environments.
The main powder coat color of the Sky Hook and base. Choose from any of our standard colors like Sky Hook Yellow, Sky Hook Blue, white or black. Custom colors to meet safety or OE use requirements can also used per customer request.
Syclone ATTCO Service specializes in a list of base customizations to create a unique solution for any application. Choose from a variety of 'standard' customizations available such as custom length, width, height, load rating, etc. or work hand in hand with our design team to create a one of a kind solution to meet your needs.

Ground-Up Custom Creations

While the standard customizations allow the user to utilize a variety of customization options to fit their required needs, there is always the possibility of needing a customization that is unique to that particular application. One that will create a solution which no off-the-shelf product in the world can offer. That's why the design team at Syclone ATTCO Service. is ready at a moments notice to help you create your unique lifting device. Armed with 3D Solidworks CAD design capabilities, an entire firm of certified engineers, and a fully operational fabrication shop, Syclone ATTCO Service. can make any idea or impossible creation a reality. Give us a call today to begin the design process.

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